‘Do you take thee… and this?’

‘In sickness and in health’ is a pretty broad spectrum isn’t it really? You wouldn’t sign a mobile phone contract that said the same. With those terms and conditions, many of us would struggle to pick a phone at all. If we did, we’d spend our time wondering if we’d committed to the wrong contract, … Continue reading ‘Do you take thee… and this?’

Not so trigger happy

Triggers are a difficult concept to grasp for non ED sufferers. They vary widely and I find my own can vary over time. I’m unsure of what the proper definition is, but how it feels as a process for me is that it can be as subtle as a seed planting and growing over a … Continue reading Not so trigger happy

Retracing my footsteps

Those with ED's are encouraged to look at the reasons why we find ourselves battling the demons we have. Many factors will be considered either by the sufferer themselves or their care givers, everything from genetic predisposition, media influence and peer pressure. Depending on the articles you read surrounding the subject, we can be depicted … Continue reading Retracing my footsteps