Allow me to introduce my ‘friend’

Hello there, welcome to my blog 🙂 I genuinely hope that given the subject matter, it finds you well. I didn't really know how to introduce myself, or my experience of living with an eating disorder. Those of you who are reading this and living with one (or in spite of one) will know, it's … Continue reading Allow me to introduce my ‘friend’

Ground Zero

Until very recently I’d never heard of the term cognitive dissonance. I didn’t know there was a name for that state, the one where you are shown something is one way over and over but you cannot bring yourself to believe it, heart against head. That feeling of internal chaos and the relentless questioning and re-questioning … Continue reading Ground Zero

‘Do you take thee… and this?’

‘In sickness and in health’ is a pretty broad spectrum isn’t it really? You wouldn’t sign a mobile phone contract that said the same. With those terms and conditions, many of us would struggle to pick a phone at all. If we did, we’d spend our time wondering if we’d committed to the wrong contract, … Continue reading ‘Do you take thee… and this?’